Conversations Part 2 (with Other Teachers)

Earlier this week I wrote about conversations with students, but today I would like to revisit this topic.  But I would like to focus on conversations teachers have with other teachers.  

Do you have fellow educators who you can talk to about your teaching?  

I think it is important to make sure that you can talk to teachers who are not going to judge you.  It makes it more likely that you will be honest about your instruction so that you can help students grow.  You are someone I trust to talk with about best practice.  Thank you to all of you who read my thoughts and who comment with your own thoughts and advice.

I like having several types of professional conversations to help me grow in several areas.  I talk to good friends about how to be a leader, how to be a good teammate, how to strengthen my math instruction, how to confer more successfully, how to meet the needs of struggling students, how to incorporate what I learned at the Illinois Reading Conference, etc.  These are conversations I have had this week, but each week it is different depending what is on my mind.  

What types of professional conversations do you have?


One thought on “Conversations Part 2 (with Other Teachers)

  1. I invite a group of people to gather every few weeks to discuss literacy. We are all at different schools but all believe in the Reading and Writing Workshop as leaved at TCRWP. Happily I am headed to NYC tomorrow moring for their Reunion Saturday – another chance to listen and have conversations with the smartest literacy people I know. I get SO much energy from smart conversations with smart people and it sounds like you do too!

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