Read Aloud Experience Count

To hold me accountable for reading informational texts, I decided to keep count of our class’s read aloud experiences.

I created a poster that looked like this:


We kept count of each read aloud experience, but as we continued to read more and more texts our class started to notice that texts have more than one genre most of the time. We started to notice genre blurring.  This sparked a discussion about how poster.

Should we keep this poster and simply mark the genre that the text mostly represents?  Or should we make another poster with more broad categories: informational and literature?  Our class took a vote, and we decided on the latter.

10386318_325151427668324_8677282302974886165_n 10394608_325151414334992_8285562637393859187_n

I think it is important for me to continue to keep track of our read aloud experiences so that I can make sure I am balancing literature and informational read alouds.  I clearly need to read aloud more informational texts.

Also, our class will continue to discuss all of the genres of a text that we read aloud together.  I think these discussions create a deeper understanding of the texts and genres.


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