What types of conversations do your students have in the classroom?   Today I am thinking about verbal conversations, although there are several types of conversations students may have in the classroom.  This is an area I have focused on this year.  Throughout the school year, I have continually thought about how I can encourage […]

Motivating Students to Read

Today, at the Illinois Reading Conference, I was able to meet Aaron Reynolds.  He is an author we have wanted to bring to our school for our One Author-One School program.  (A yearlong author study with a culminating activity where the author comes to our school.  Each student receives an autographed book at the end […]

We are Exhausted!

Today is day three of ISATs….5 tests down and 3 to go!  The kids are working so hard, and they are using the testing strategies they have learned to be successful on tests.  They are using the charts, graphs, pictures, key words, and their schema to answer each and every question.  But…. WE ARE EXHAUSTED!  […]


How do you have your student set goals?  What types of goals do you have your students create?  How do you teach your students to write goals?  How often do you have your students set goals?  I would really love your feedback! I think it is really important to reflect in order to set goals. […]


Today I am thinking about conversations.  There are so many different purposes for a conversation.  I have been sitting at Starbucks for about six hours working and there are so many conversations going on around me…   I have heard interviews and talk about wedding plans.  I have listened to a man talk about financial […]